Join our first Checkmk Community Call! | 20th May 2020

:mega: First Checkmk Community Call | 20th May 2020 | 6:30pm / 18:30 CEST

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Dear Checkmk community,

At the Checkmk Conference #6 we have tried out a new way to interact with you with fun Fireside Chats and Ask-me-Anything sessions, and we had a lot of positive feedback about it! We wanted to try that out now with more frequent online calls to give you regular updates on your favorite monitoring tool :wink:

Please check the agenda here and feel free to write what your thoughts before the meeting: Community Call Agenda

What are Community Calls?

Community Calls are online video conference meetings designed to provide updates to the community and have discussions with you. Here you can give feedback, ask questions, give a shout-out to community members and much more. It’s a casual meeting and of course, it’s 100% free to join. To make sure we’re inclusive to our international community members, our main language will be English.

What are we going to talk about?

This time, our highlight will be the release of the second Feature Pack. We have other topics and everyone’s free to suggest what should we discuss. Please check the agenda here.

Which video conferencing platform should we use?

Please let us know which one is more convenient to you. We will make the meeting link available a few hours before the scheduled meeting.

  • Zoom
  • Whereby + YouTube livestream

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  • Zoom is the most popular tool right now, but everyone has to install the Zoom software in order to use it.
  • Whereby can run in any modern web browser without the need to install anything, but is limited to 50 participants.

Are you joining? Leave a reply to let us know!

See you there!



Cannot ignore an exciting experiment. I’ll be there :smile:

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Why don’t we use an open source conferencing platform (like jitsi)?

Also, could you please create a calendar event (iCal/.ics), so we can be reminded to join in?


Not yet, but I want & how ? Is just a replay enough ?

I’ll be also there :slightly_smiling_face:

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I hope I make it to the call. I’ll try to!

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We can use our BigBlueButton platform, but it always ignores Faye’s mic :stuck_out_tongue:
We tested Jitsi, but have already ruled it out.

And we decided for now not to try to be a conference platform hoster - that comes with its own challenges.

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Hi Simon, good point!

We tried Big Blue Button but unfortunately we had some erratic problems with it (for example, my mic wasn’t working though it does on other web-based tools). We just thought of reducing the risk for our first try.

Regarding the calendar event, you’re right that’s something I should have definitely done! Will edit the post in a bit. Thanks!


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I can recommend Cisco WebEx. But it dosn’t have the function to create polls or have the really nice feature of Q&A section. It’s more a meeting provider than a conference tool.
You only pay based on the WebEx hosts you have registered and it have the option to call per phone as well using headphones. It comes along with an desktop app, supports direct browser connection and have also apps for cell phones.
At the moment you can try it 4 months for free.


Hi @neeloj, we will update the agenda document with the online meeting link and you can simply join using it. We plan to have a recording of the session too, but one will miss the opportunity to ask their questions live.

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Less than 3 hours left for our first online meeting! Hope to see everyone there! The agenda document has been updated with the link to the Zoom meeting. There will also be a YouTube live stream for those who cannot join via Zoom. :smile:


Nice! Worked fine in the browser, there was no need to install Zoom.


It was nice seeing everyone! Thanks for spending some time this evening with us!


It was a very nice call, even with all the information from the conference. Please do this after every conference at least. I personaly liked most the part of Wontek to get a short overview and can ask questions about it. If you plan more community calls, and I hope so, please try to get such sessions in it!
Thanks for your effort!