CheckMK remote git configuration

Hi, I am interested in remote git for checkmk configuration.
In general: repo in Azure DevOps, authorization via ssh, and post commit hook.
Issue file is committed too , and I don’t wan’t to keep that info in git.
Edited by hands .gitignore in folder is overwritten by mk and file committed again.
Question: how to permanently exclude from git?

You could try setting up the site users’ .gitignore file and prefix the line with a !, that should instruct it to override the gitignore supplied by cmk, eventhough it’s on a deeper level.

Instead of a .gitignore file (which usually is checked in) you could create/edit the local file .git/info/exclude. The file has the same syntax as the .gitignore files but is NOT checked in. It’s just local to the repository. I haven’t tried but I strongly doubt checkmk will overwrite this file.
Also, you wil have to untrack

git rm --cached path/to/
git commit -m "untrack"
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mk just ignores it, devs hardcoded “git add --all”. Support tells that fixing this is a paid feature …