Enhanced Rule Information (Creation Date, Creator, Modified Date, ...)

I would find it useful to be able to see who created a rule and who changed it and when.
As far as I know, you can’t see that easily anywhere at the moment.


Would be really lovely. Please combined with a permission to disable the view this information for normal users :slight_smile:

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You should get most of this out of the Audit Log (in 2.0) at least.


Is that what you would be looking for?

How far back does the audit log go?
I would find it more user-friendly if I could retrieve this info directly from a rule, perhaps via the menu at the top?

Hi @elias.voelker,

kinda. The audit log in 2.0 already has such information but it would be much easier to have this information more present at the rules directly.

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Fair point, that seems like it could be useful sometimes…

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I just looked at the rules again. So maybe you could put another icon with this information in the action menu left of a rule. Or when I click edit rule the info could be show up there somewhere.

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hi @CFriedrich

I am sure there’s something defined somewhere about how far back it goes. I don’t know.

The one from our webinar site I just exported had entries going back almost one year. Don’t know if that’s the limit or if that’s when the site was set up, though…

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As I wrote in the other thread you can enable git for the checkmk configuration. The repo then will contain all the info you want.


This is what we do and it works fine. Got a hook that pushes to Bitbucket too.

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