Hosts in view but not in WATO


I’m having a problem and can’t seem to find what is causing it.

I have 2 hosts that are not relevant to our network anymore.
I see both hosts in my view / in the host problems overview (they are down).

When i try to edit them in WATO (to remove them from the monitoring) i get the message:
“You called this page with an invalid host name.”
When i try to edit the parameters for the host i get:
“The given host does not exist.”

Both hosts are not present in my WATO directory, if i add a new host with the same hostname i get a message that there is a duplicate hostname being used, but i can access the edit host page from the host problems page.
Then deleting that host removes it from WATO but it is still present in the host problems page.

If i search for the host through the cli i also don’t find any hosts with that hostname.

Any idea on how i can remove these hosts from host overview?


Did you run grep -r hostname $OMD_ROOT/etc?

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Grep returns nothing.

Do you have a distributed monitoring setup?


We don’t use a distributed setup.

The 2 hosts in question are gateways so they might have been created by a scan, although even then they should be in the hosts list on WATO right?


Anyone have any idea how i could get these entries out of the portal?

Some more context:
They are both gateways that after a network change are not relevant to the network anymore (we would not be able to ping them anyways).
The only check that is being done on these hosts is a PING.
If i look at the status of the host, it is still doing regular ping checks.

It seems like a normal host would with the only difference being that it is nowhere to be found in WATO (and in the cli), making it so that i cannot delete it.

So, if I understand you correctly:

  1. The hosts does show up in Quicksearch. If yes, then you click on WATO >> Folders and see in which folder this host appears and accordingly update/delete it.
  2. Other way to find the host would be as Robert suggested to login as site user and run
    grep -r <hostname> etc/check_mk/*
    you could also do this:
    cmk -D <hostname>
    With this command you can find in which folder the host is.

Hello Marco,

I figured because grep didn’t return anything there was no entry but there seemed to have been a problem with the syntax i used.
Using your commands i found both hosts and i figured out where they are configured:

I had an entry for both hosts there:

Parents which are not listed in your all_hosts:

all_hosts += [‘gw-IP|parent|ping’,

After deleting i did a new --scan-parents and after activating changes the hosts are now gone.

Thank you both for the help.