How to show top 10 Port utilization of switches

I want to have to show top 10 port switch that have the highest utilization.
Any way ?!


you could create a service group with all switch interfaces and then sort an appropriate view descending using the perf-o-meter column.
But this won’t scale well with a bigger amount of ports I guess


I think what you want is not possible out-of-the-box.
In the normal check environment CMK has no knowledge about the volume transferred over a port in the last X hours. For your utilization of the ports you need to know for a specific time frame how much data was transferred.

@r.sander had developed a special agent and check
to make calculations on existing performance data. It is possible that this can be taken as a starting point for your problem.

@andreas-doehler TNX for your reply.
you said cmk has no knowledge of last X hours. I am curies to know if pnp4nagios can export its bandwidth port data into grafana and grafana can list 10 top high port bw in last x hours.

Yes and No :slight_smile:
Yes to you can access data from PNP4Nagios with Grafana - see Grafana connection to pnp4nagios with checkmk raw
The second part of your question i think is not possible so easy. If i remember all correctly then the calculation is normally done inside the database like InfluxDB is doing it.

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TNX for your reply,
I am curies to know if other minoring system can have such report.

I think it is more a problem of the type of data storage for the monitoring data.
If you transfer all performance data from CMK to InfluxDB (connector available inside enterprise edition or for classic Nagios core you can try ) then you can have such reports with the queries from Grafana to InfluxDB.

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