In which file are the sidebar elements, added by the user, saved?

Hey, we are setting up our CheckMK instance via a stateless deployment, so it can be redone like every day with the same instance as result. One thing I did not find yet:
How can I add sidebar elements?
This does not seem to be available via the API, correct?
Then my solution would be to set it up, copy the file where it’s saved and integrate this into the deployment script, like I did for before.
So, my initial question: Where are sidebar elements saved? I can’t find anything in /omd via grep -rni :frowning:

find . -mmin +2 prints too many findings, but /omd/sites/local/var/check_mk/web/peterge/ looks interesting…

each user has a directory with their settings: var/check_mk/web/USER.
This directory contains, among other things, the files:

  • (contains the settings for the sidebar)
  • (individually created elements for the sidebar).



Thanks! Works for our deploy like with before :slight_smile:

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