Is there any alternative to the service check command check_mk_active-icmp?

The subject command, the default for the ping active service check, does not work reliably with some of my simple IoT hosts.

Nevertheless, I can use the Linux command line ping command with any of these specific hosts and that will work 100% reliably for thousands of pings.

Is there an alternative to check_mk_active-icmp, something that is more akin to the Linux command line ping?

If there is a such a command available, is there a tutorial on how it could be implemented as a custom active service check?

I’m running 2.1.0b6 raw on Ubuntu Focal.


For the host check:
See the rule “Host Check Command” here you should find what you are looking for.

For active service:
Check hosts with PING (ICMP Echo Request

The rules are more or less self explained.



That is so not true! The methods and conventions of CheckMk are quite obscure, IMHO, and it’s easy to be very lost without the documentation. Worse, there are many things the documentation does not cover. This would not be surprising if there was only an open source version, but with the Enterprise version available one would expect more complete and comprehensive documentation. It took me two weeks to do in CheckMk what it took me two days to do in PRTG. However, I now have hundreds of sensors for free, in PRTG I was limited to 100 for free, so I’m not complaining too loudly :wink:

Luckily I restated my question in a different way in the folowing topic and received an outstanding answer as to where and how the service and host check methods are documented: