January Community Bulletin

Dear Checkmk Community,

Might be a bit late but wishing everyone a happy new year! Here’s our first community bulletin where we share updates around the Checkmk community.

:newspaper: Updates

Checkmk 2.0 is coming soon: What are you most looking forward to?

Thanks to everyone who tested Checkmk 2.0 beta version and has given their feedback! What feature are you most excited about in version 2.0? Let us know by replying below! :thinking:

Share what you think about the Checkmk Community

It has been a year since we have launched the Checkmk forum, and we have tried a couple of things to improve how tribe29 engages with you as part of our community. We want to do more for you next year. Please help us know you better by sharing your opinion in this survey.

:mega: Shout-outs

Due to some trouble getting stats from the forum platform, there are small changes in this section for this month.

:globe_with_meridians: Localization@Checkmk: Founding Members

translate.checkmk.com has been launched last month, and we are really grateful for all your support. We have already received roughly 300 string translations and community members continue to initiate a new language. Many thanks to the following who made it possible!

Interested to help in translating Checkmk? Please feel free to reach out or read more about it here.

:trophy: New Community Helpers

People whose reply got marked as a solution for the first time. Welcome aboard!

:computer: GitHub Contributors

Contributors whose PR got merged on the Checkmk GitHub repo last month. Also included here are PRs that were not directly merged, but an action was taken by someone from tribe29 to apply the PR (e.g. creating follow-up tickets)

rons4- (Update utils.py)
Update signl4.py
philrandal- McAfee Endpoint Security (ENS) DAT date detection
tklecker- Fix display Error in changesets when renaming hosts
1.6.0 Fix display Error in changesets when renaming hosts
@andreas-doehler- removed useless cluster inventory data if no cluster is present
LMSBrubaker- Added Checking State for areca raid controller
petrows- Fix mk_docker exceptions for python3 by default (future import and section_container_agent exception)

Thank you so much for your contributions everyone! We are always grateful for the time and skills you have been sharing with the community.

We’re very happy we have spent the previous year with you and that we’re going to do it again this year. Let’s make 2021 rock! :metal:

Best regards and stay healthy,


next Button doesn t work in the survey on my ipad pro 2018.

Hey Ralf,

Have you tried with different browsers? Unfortunately that’s a fixed template of Survey Monkey, so I can only file a bug report. Not sure if it can be solved soon. :frowning_face:


no. I tried it only with the default safari browser.

Is there a more accurate time on when Checkmk 2.0 is going to a stable release?

Hi @stokes46,
Right now it’s estimated to be at the end February-early March. :slight_smile:


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