Lenovo XClarity

there seems to be an nagios agent for Lenovo XClarity https://support.lenovo.com/us/en/solutions/ht507298
This queries the xclarity controller of lenovo servers to be monitored in check_mk.

Any idea how to integrate this in check_mk?
The Lenovo Howto http://sysmgt.lenovofiles.com/help/topic/com.lenovo.lxci_nagios.doc/nagios_welcome.html on this eplains how to intergrate this in nagios but I get stuck on applyint this on cmk.

Thanks for any advice.

I had a look at the Python file provided on the Lenovo website. With this information i would be possible to build an special agent.

To use this script directly inside CMK would be a little bit problematic until release of CMK 2.0 as it needs Python3 as interpreter.