Let's Check an Android/iOS App for Check_MK


I’m writing a Android/iOS App in Flutter for CheckMK, which requires my LQL api installed server side.

It has the “Tactical Overview” screen which you know from the Web Page, is able to show services/hosts by different filters (“all”, “problems”, “unhandled”, “stale”) and has full text search implemented.

As you can see from the feature list, its currently a “view” only app.

Please write me in a private message your E-Mail if you’r interested in being a Beta Tester for this App.

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Here some screenshots (This is my CheckMK RAW at home):

In the first Screenshot you see Tabs, Let’s Check supports multiple “Connections” i have atm. 3 of them

Before I forget it, there will be a own Logo in the release!

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will it be similiar to this?


Well “Let’s Check” has more Data available as it’s not limited to views.py/webapi and it has fulltext search.

Also my App supports multiple Servers, which is useful when you have independent servers.

A yes, there’s the Tactical overview in Let’s check, thanks to LQL Api and it doesn’t require an “automation” user.

Any further progress on this?