Logwatch - normal monitoring user permission bug


I use checkmk raw 2.1.0p13.
I have user with role “Normal monitoring user” and i use logwach plugin.
When user clicks “open log” he gets error

Unable to show logfile: Cannot parse log file \home\tomcat\logs\catalina.out: No matching entries found for query: GET hosts Columns: mk_logwatch_file:file:tomcat-srv/\\home\\tomcat\\logs\\catalina.out Filter: name = tomcat-srv

When the administrator does the same everything works

I need to use only “normal monitoring user” because the user is supposed to see only a few services with logs.

I see that I had to add the whole host to the contact group, not just the services.

So this is just a workaround, but the user sees services that don’t apply to him