Looking for an IIS AppPool plugin

Not sure where to post this, so apologies if this is misplaced.

I am looking for a mechanism to monitor the status of an IIS AppPool and site. Specifically checking to see if the services running, and alert if they don’t.

I do find https://github.com/TheFlyingCorpse/check_iis, which looks like it might do the trick if wrapped as a plugin, but I’d still need to write the CMK interpreter for the plugin data.

I also find a few projects on the Nagios exchange, but run into the same issue - I think they’re written as NRPE plugins, and I’d still need to parse the plugin data.

Any direction is appreciated!


Hi have done something that may interest you. Let me know if this suits you env and needs if so I can provide you the interpreter.
# Monitor Windows Application Pools state

The alarm condition is to not have “Started” in state field - Valid until Windows Server 2012 - 2016 > Already brings new ways to administrate WebApplicationPools

Get All Pools to iterate later

$AppPools = Get-WebAppPoolState

Prints Check_MK Plugin Header


Loop for each application pool

ForEach($Item in $AppPools)
$Name = ($Item.ItemXPath -Replace ‘(?:.?)name=’’([^’’])(?:.*)’, ‘$1’).Trim()
$Status = ($item.Value).Trim()
Write-Host " $Name $Status"

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Can you help me , how to add it ? I’m using 1.6 raw edition