Mobile App for CheckMK\CMC (Server Alarms)

I was looking into a mobile app to run alongside nagios\Checkmk. We are kinds tied to Android and “Server alarms” looks the best for what we are trying to do.

I believe that the server alarms app requires the old Nagios (status.dat ) core to run, however CheckMk uses another core called CMC.

Has anyone ever hooked up Server Alarms to CheckMK\CMC using a nath_status or any other suggestions

To the mobile apps i can only say, for what do we need special mobile apps if a mobile gui is directly available. It is also easier to setup a right firewall rules if you only need 443 access to your monitoring server to reach the GUI. With the actual versions the mobile GUI is again usable.

I hear what you are saying… i was especially interested in app notifications direct to specific users. We are using nagios to monitor safetly related infrastructure so notification needs to be immediate compared to email

Then it would be better to use some push messaging service. If you run a app on your mobile then it is not clear how often the app can poll the status from your monitoring instance.
Inside this thread Welches Tool nutzt ihr zur Notification? are some tools what can be used for such critical notifications.
The thread is in German but i think the Google translate will help :slight_smile: