Mobile Smartphone/Tablet App

What‘s with a mobile Checkmk app for Smartphones and Tablets (iOS, Android)? This would be easier to check and control the monitoring solution on the go.

No dedicated app but there’s a built-in mobile view at
(a mobile browser should redirect you there automatically AFAIK)

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easynag in the appstor#
But it seemed to be more an general app.

A mobile optimized web interface would be way better for this. A dedicated app must be developed for several app store platforms (apple/android/windows/…). A web interface can be accessed from any device.

Well while an html-app would be easy to transform for multiple platforms, an major feature would be the notification options like push notifications directly through the app, which I would like a lot :slight_smile:
I’m not sure if that is nice in “only web apps”

@Constey for push notifications you can use pushover or telegram :slight_smile:

I tried to implement it.
join the discussion.

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Hi there !

I looked for a long time for an application allowing me, from my smartphone, to monitor my infrastructure.

I was previously using the ANag app on Android, but since CheckMK version 1.4 (I believe) there is no longer a cgi-bin to run the app.

I asked the ANag developer if he plan to make his application compatible with CheckMK and his response was to tell me that at the moment he couldn’t because he had too much work to do.

But, he linked me this: Linux: Install Nagios CGI support in Checkmk 1.6.0 / 2.0 [Chotaire Wiki]

This web page explains how to install a cgi-bin which then allows you to configure the ANag application.

And it works ! Even with version 2.0 of check mk!

I know this post was a bit dated, but maybe this solution can be suitable for people for whom like me it is easier to have notifications on their smartphone.

I hope this info can be useful !

(Sorry for my google-translated message ^^)

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