Monitor used vCPUs per ESXi host


I am monitoring several ESXi hosts and the corresponding virtual machines on them. One thing I actually do not find is the ability to monitor the number of currently used vCPUs per host/core. It would be very interesting to detect, when there are too many vCPUs/machines running per host.

Is this information already monitored and I just do not find it or is this not possible to monitor (yet)?

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I’m afraid that kind of check is not yet implemented, but I think it’s a great idea!
The required basic information (number of host CPUs, number of vCPUs in each VM running on that host) should already be queried, so it should be possible to build a check from that.

i dont see a benefit here.
if the ESX host cant handle the load, you will be alerted via the CPU ready and Co-Stop values of esx_vsphere_counters.cpu

But it might be that the total number of vCPUs is higher than the number of cores and at the same time the CPU utilization is still okay.

I don’t know that esx_vsphere_counters.cpu “CPU ready” and “Co-Stop” yet. Where can I find those?

see this post and Werk #10627
→ Version 1.7.0i1 (Not yet released)

nowadays its pretty normal to over provision CPU and Memory. so it makes more sense to look at metrics that tell us if VMs are waiting for resources.