Not able to delete some comments

CMK version: 2.1.0p9cee
OS version: Debian 11

Error message: There is no error message - I saw that there are some old comments on some services. I tried to delete them, but noting happened. I marked them with checkbox activated, but nothing happened again.


Unfortunately it’s a lot - It was all from one colleague, I did it with the REST API and I think I setup the “permanent” options.

Any ideas? For me it seems to be bug?


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No tips how I can delete the old comments? I tried it several times - but nothing happened

That looks like a comment to an acknowledgement. Is the corresponding acknowledgement still present? if yes, can you try to delete the acknowledgement?

No - it’s just the comment.

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CMK version: 2.1.0p12 (RAW)
OS version: CentOS

Error message: Also have this issue.
No error, unable to remove comment and remove ACK does not help.
Ack/comments made with options (Sticky: no | send notification: yes | persistent comment: yes)

@andreas-doehler - Is this the same issue that should already be solved in (Werk: 12697)?

Forgot to add, this issue started for us after upgrade from 2.0.0p23 to 2.1.0p12.

The issue still persist with version 2.1.0p14 CEE

Is there any possibility to fix that? I have around 40 of them and some on very important services. We already had some trouble about this.

Since we use the CEE - is there a way to let the developers know about the issue? A feedback formular or mail address?

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Hello! might be the right email address for bugs and feedback.

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Thank you - I will write a mail to that address.

Fyi - issue still occurs in 2.1.0p15 CEE

And issue occurs in 2.1.0p16 CEE.

I wrote a email but still today no fix or something.

I have recently added a few hundred comments focused on services, these have no “expiry date” and I can’t delete them manually, no matter how much I follow the steps of “Select all > Remove comments > remove > Confirm” when I go back to the comments page I find that these have not been deleted.
thanks in advance.

CMK version:2.1
OS version: ubuntu 20.4

Seems to be a bug not fixed. No workarounds or explanation provided, only report to and hope for the best.

#Not able to delete some comments#

I tried to connect all of these issues together somehow but just in case I’ll also put a note here: the team knows about the issue, and they are working on it. I do not yet have any ETAs, but I’ll do my best to keep you all updated on how it goes.


I hoped it’s fixed in 2.1.0p19:

  • 15119 FIX: Fix service custom notes for multiple hosts

but it’s not :frowning: Still inside. I wait since August 2022 to get this fixed

No fix in 2.1.0p20 CEE :frowning: Still waiting

Hi! I checked and it seems to be a different issue. The one with un-deleted comments is still in progress but should be soon now.


Hi @Sara
Any new progress on this?

This is still a major issue in our workflow as we use them daily and in automation.

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Hello @mareh,

From what I can see it is still in progress of implementation.

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Is there any ETA on the fix being implemented? We’re on 2.1.0p22 CEE and the bug is still present.

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2.1.0p23 CEE issue still persist :frowning: Waiting since August 2022 (2.1.0p9cee)
2.1.0p24 CEE - same here -.-

yes, a “little” annyoing.
Is there a CLI command to delete the comments?

Hi! Unfortunately, there is no ETA yet. But it is being worked on.
I will, from my side, keep the threads in the forum related to this updated as soon as I get any new information.

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