Per service tabula-rasa

Some service are dependent upon their previous state.

As it is now, if that state changes (Such as adding options to file system mounts) I am forced to do a ‘Automatic refresh (tabula rosa)’ on the entire host, rather than forcing an update of one or more services.

We have a similar situation and the need for such a function on oracle databases. If you change the number of data files and within the state of autoextend/noautoextend you need to rediscover the whole host to get the new state for.
At the moment we are changing the values directly manually at the autochecks files to overcome the problem for idle instances or shutdown instances on larger databse nodes which are in downtime or acknowledged. This services would be deleted in case of whole tabula rasa of this host.

Hi Matthew,

no, you don’t need to do tabula rasa for that. In the edit services view you can click on the blue icon (move to undecided) and then click the green icon (move to monitored services). You can even do it on multiple services by first activating the checkboxes (show checkboxes).


Like @gulaschcowboy said. Still, it would be nice to have a single button “refresh service”. Faster, less error-prone, easy to explain to new users.

Database server with over 1k services. The manual method with move to undecided is not possible really :slight_smile:

Thanks for the hint. Just what I need.

Yes, a single button would be handier, but do we need it, at the expense of additional webtop clutter?

It can be done on the CLI with
cmk -II --checks <checkpluginname> <hostname>