Please be clear on Free Edition terms

For some reason I only understand 25 hosts limitation for this CFE license, not knowing it also bound to 30 days expiration term. It will be great if these two limits can be worded in following screenshot before user download it. Thanks

The 30 days are only for the full enterprise features(distributed monitoring). All the other function is without a day limit.
I think @martin.hirschvogel can also give some information to the internal team.

We are rewriting the download page at the moment anyway into a more user-friendly manner. That will also include better explanations of the stuff. Andreas has described it already correctly. During the 30 days, there is no limitation whatsoever in the CFE. After that, 25 hosts.

I had to revert back to CRE since I need distributed monitoring feature in CRE edition. Thanks for considering to rewrite the download page.