[Release] Checkmk beta release 2.0.0b1

Dear friends of Checkmk,

the new beta release 2.0.0b1 of Checkmk is ready for download.

We are excited to start the beta phase of Checkmk 2.0 with Checkmk 2.0.0b1.
For numerous months our team has been pushing hard to deliver the next full
version of Checkmk. In doing so, we have reworked Checkmk’s foundations.

With so many significant changes coming finally together, we have decided to
make the version step change to 2.0.

With Version 2.0 among many new features, we will be introducing a new user
interface and user experience. While most features are already included in
the beta release, we are still tuning several aspects, especially of the UX.

We are very interested in your feedback on the new UX and would therefore
appreciate it if you would take some time (~15 min) to give us your feedback:

To get a good grasp of what fundamentals in the user interface have changed,
read this forum post containing more details:

We would like to ask all users to try out the new version and help us ensure
that Checkmk 2.0 becomes a success.

Please send general feedback, feedback on the new user experience, and bug
reports to this dedicated mail address:

feedback-2.0 at checkmk.com

All mails to this address will be used to improve the 2.0 and are completely
free of charge.

With this release the users of the Checkmk Raw Edition get early access to
Checkmk 2.0 as well. Welcome, all of you. And have fun testing the all new

This test release ships with 125 changes affecing all editions of Checkmk,
11 Enterprise Edition specific changes and 1 Managed Services Edition
specific changes.

This release will be in active maintenance until 2020-12-31. The passive
maintenance will be until 2021-01-30. For details take a look at the Checkmk
versions chapter of the Checkmk handbook.

Changes in all Checkmk Editions:

Agent bakery:

  • 11643 FIX: Crash mk_docker.py: ‘SocketIO’ object has no attribute ‘recv’
  • 11640 FIX: agent_fritzbox: Fix missing agent output
  • 11687 FIX: mk_postgres supports CentOS7


  • 11438 FIX: BI aggregations: REST API: only delete a rule if it is not referenced by aggregations/rules

Checks & agents:

  • 11466 Windows Agent supports environment variables in registry entries
  • 11675 cmk command: New option: --detect-plugins
  • 11673 cmk command: New option: --detect-sections
  • 11674 cmk command: New option: --plugins
  • 11729 3par special agent: add configuration option for TCP port number
  • 11547 Add HP StoreOnce Catalyst/Stores Section and Check
  • 11686 Add VMs of ESX hosts to HW/SW inventory
  • 11409 Add service label generation to network interface discovery rule
  • 11646 Discovery of host labels only
  • 11623 Docker container status: discover exited containers
  • 11629 Juniper Trapeze monitoring: discover additional devices
  • 11408 Monitoring of total traffic for network interface checks
  • 11540 Nutanix Prism Agent/prism_alerts check: add capability to filter for Prism Central
  • 11681 agent_activemq: addition of support for https connection
  • 11682 agent_aws: addition of support for proxy server
  • 11691 fileinfo.groups: removed “Additional rules for files” functionality
  • 11647 snmp_extended_info: Add host label ‘cmk/device_type’ discovery
  • 11536 vutlan_ems_humidity: new check to monitor Vutlan EMS humidity sensors
  • 11539 vutlan_ems_leakage: new check to monitor Vutlan EMS leak detectors
  • 11537 vutlan_ems_smoke: new check to monitor Vutlan EMS smoke detectors
  • 11535 vutlan_ems_temp: new check to monitor Vutlan EMS temperature sensors
  • 11369 windows_tasks: Make check plugin configurable & improve output
  • 11678 FIX: ‘local’ plugin crashed upon missing data on cluster
  • 11505 FIX: Active checks: Failed check caused by missing arguments
  • 11407 FIX: Added support for petabytes in zpool check
  • 11677 FIX: Crash when discovering legacy plugins on cluster hosts
  • 11545 FIX: False positive CRIT status in lnx_bonding check
  • 11671 FIX: Fix crash in some check previews during discovery
  • 11549 FIX: Fix drawing of deduplication rate and file count
  • 11648 FIX: Hostlabels of Fibrechannel switches: “fcswitch”
  • 11428 FIX: Label discovery: now able to detect changes in label value, not just label names
  • 11624 FIX: Legacy checks: fix usage of discovery rulesets
  • 11544 FIX: Revert changes related to werk 10150: ‘mssql_transactionlogs: Do not discover unneeded transaction logs’
  • 11429 FIX: Service Discovery for clusters: no longer removes services on nodes
  • 11546 FIX: Set new default values for livestatus helper_usage* and livestatus_usage levels
  • 11625 FIX: Splunk special agent: fix section splunk_jobs
  • 11548 FIX: Swap perfometer definitions for fs_size/_usage and dedup_rate
  • 11727 FIX: Transformation of interface discovery parameters
  • 11467 FIX: Windows agent executable can be called using any letter case in it’s path
  • 11543 FIX: Wrong handling of ‘None’ values in bonding checks
  • 11692 FIX: agent_aws: fix check_mk discovery UNKN status when configuring the AWS agent
  • 11693 FIX: agent_aws: security improvements
  • 11332 FIX: agent_aws: set granularity of reported data correctly
  • 11695 FIX: agent_azure: fixed Section Name error when configuring Azure special agent
  • 11694 FIX: agent_azure: security improvements
  • 11608 FIX: apache_status: Fix compatibility issues with Python 3
  • 11627 FIX: ceph_df: support Ceph 14.2.4
  • 11622 FIX: esx_vsphere_counters
  • 11621 FIX: esx_vsphere_counters_diskio: re-add section
  • 11533 FIX: fileinfo.groups: fix broken perfometer when no files are found
  • 11334 FIX: fileinfo.groups: fixed crash when no files are found
  • 11690 FIX: fileinfo.groups: improved instructions on how to fix “no group patterns found in autocheck”
  • 11532 FIX: filestats: fix crash when no files are found
  • 11531 FIX: filestats: missing information in service output
  • 11688 FIX: hr_ps: fixed no results when using path to discover processes
  • 11626 FIX: if-checks: handle levels for non-unicast packets and discards correctly
  • 11628 FIX: infoblox_dns_stats: use correct OID value for recursion
  • 11538 FIX: job: treat killed jobs as a non-running job
  • 11683 FIX: k8s_nodes: correction of bug during levels check
  • 11689 FIX: mem_linux: switch to mem_used to monitor memory statistics via SNMP
  • 11380 FIX: mk_oracle: Fixed reference to all found SIDs in custom sqls
  • 11516 FIX: msoffice_serviceplans: Fix discovery and checking if plan contains spaces
  • 11717 FIX: oracle_dataguard_stats: Issue warning about missing apply lag
  • 11541 FIX: prism_alerts: alert sorting was compromized
  • 11680 FIX: qnap_fans: update default parameters
  • 11672 FIX: smart: bring back output as in version 1.6
  • 11670 FIX: smart_stats: Missing data despite plugin deployed
  • 11707 FIX: timesyncd: Custom limits for “Time since last sync” work now
  • 11728 FIX: zfsget: handle datasets with no available space correctly
  • 11339 FIX: check_mk_agent: readdition of postfix_mailq_status
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 11676 FIX: esx_vsphere_vm_snapshots: New display defaults for summary service
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 11379 FIX: mk_oracle.ps1: Fixed missing escaping of single quotes and error handling
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 11730 FIX: oracle_jobs: correct usage of user-defined parameters for missing jobs

Core & setup:

  • 10292 FIX: REST-API: fixed endpoints issuing LiveStatus commands
  • 11642 FIX: Crash after reading HW/SW-Inventory from old datafiles

HW/SW inventory:

  • 11649 FIX: “mem”: Missing inventory values

Linux distributions:

  • 10317 Readd SLES 12 SP3
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 10318 Add support for SLES 15 SP2
  • 10316 Add support for Ubuntu 20.10


  • 11378 Added new notification method: signl4
  • 11382 Added new notiifcation method: iLert


  • 11437 BI REST API: Added interfaces delete_rule and delete_aggregation
  • 11605 FIX: Discovery page: Fix execution of active checks that are initially visible
  • 11348 FIX: Enable multi search terms in new search field
  • 11603 FIX: Fix bulk edit actions of hosts
  • 11542 FIX: WATO rules for active check check_sql forgets values for SQL queries
  • 11697 FIX: esx_vsphere_vm: change order of parameter in rule “Virtual Machine Snapshots”

Site management:

  • 11601 FIX: Fix broken site restore

User interface:

  • 11054 Display the user and version in the user and help menu
  • 10610 Simplified design of page reload
  • 10609 Simplified display of pending changes in setup
  • 11611 Views columns can now link to dashboards
  • 11607 SEC: Improve GUI security: Prevent changing content type
  • 11658 FIX: Add icon for custom topics on update to 2.0
  • 11506 FIX: Add missing bulk actions for setup host search
  • 11656 FIX: Add title to icon choices of global setting “Builtin icon visibility”
  • 11396 FIX: All dashlets can have a custom title
  • 11610 FIX: Bulk import: Improve validation of imported attributes
  • 11604 FIX: Discovery page: Improve escaping of services when creating disabled services rules
  • 11661 FIX: Fix “Classical web GUI” link on mobile page
  • 11489 FIX: Fix “Element not longer available” error on cloning of Checkmk server dashboard
  • 11657 FIX: Fix “Unable to read current options” error on icon image rulesets
  • 11600 FIX: Fix broken view sorting
  • 11606 FIX: Fix downtime command when selecting “next year” as time range
  • 11488 FIX: Fix empty page on editing availability display options
  • 11602 FIX: Fix errors when cloning BI views
  • 11651 FIX: Fix missing “Show more” button on wato host page
  • 11660 FIX: Fix missing row selection
  • 11655 FIX: Fix page rendering if icon is missing
  • 11509 FIX: Fix password change confirm dialog
  • 11654 FIX: Fix show mode of “Additional IPv6 addresses” option in wato
  • 11653 FIX: Fix site reload in case of user profile changes
  • 11487 FIX: Fix tree of folders snapin
  • 11650 FIX: Fix validation of input fields on different pages
  • 11652 FIX: Fixed “Invalid topic” error on opening manual pages
  • 11659 FIX: Fixed broken mobile gui
  • 11609 FIX: LDAP: Fix broken sync when trying to delete users
  • 11662 FIX: Remove duplicated delete button in visuals
  • 10608 FIX: Several GUI styling fixes
  • 11055 FIX: Show missing text input field in filters
  • 11507 FIX: Tags: Fix broken links in “confirm modification” message

Changes in the Checkmk Enterprise Edition:

Agent bakery:

  • 11464 Windows agent updater plugin is delivered as Python script
  • 11406 FIX: Improved product version for Windows agent package
  • 11641 FIX: Linux agent (systemd): Add OnlyFrom to agent output
  • 11708 FIX: logwatch.cfg: Bakery creates byte strings

Core & setup:

  • 11346 ntopng Integration into Checkmk
  • 11465 FIX: Fixed race condition which may cause crash during start of Microcore
  • 11347 FIX: ntop: Fix alert tabs

Inline SNMP:

  • 11709 New Inline SNMP Backend

User interface:

  • 11504 FIX: Fix Appliance snapin


  • 11645 FIX: Performance issues with PySNMP Backend
  • 11644 FIX: PySNMP: Cannot convert ‘NoneType’ object to bytes

Changes in the Checkmk Managed Services Edition:


  • 11508 FIX: Fix error when editing host configuration

You can download Checkmk from our download page:

Please mail bug reports and qualified feedback to feedback-2.0@checkmk.com.
We greatly thank you for using Checkmk and wish you a successful monitoring,

Your Checkmk Team


You can now build dashboards like this. The content might not make sense, but will your boss know? :wink:


I was testing the custom graphs. you cannot make a copy of the custom graph. i.e., when you click on “Create a customized copy of this”. It does not make a copy.
Please look into this.

Also after creating a dashboard, toggling the “sidebar” breaks the dashboard setup.