December Community Bulletin

Dear Checkmk Community,

It’s time again for our monthly community bulletin where we recognize our community members and share some updates relevant to the Checkmk community. Can’t believe we’re already at the end of the year; this will be our last community bulletin for 2020! :open_mouth:

:newspaper: Community Updates

Beta Release

In case you missed it, the 2.0 beta was released last week. This is available for all Checkmk editions. More information here.

Your help is needed again: Please leave a review about Checkmk

We are glad that so many of you are vocal about their experience with Checkmk and provide us with valuable feedback. You might remember that early this year we at tribe29 asked for your support in sharing what you think about Checkmk in Capterra, and we’re very thankful that many people helped out!

We hope you can support Checkmk again by leaving a review on other rating platforms. Your review can really help other IT admins know if Checkmk suits their needs. Below is the list of new/other rating platforms we are in:

  • TrustRadius
  • AlternativeTo
  • Checkmk on Stackshare. In case you are active on Stackshare, you can now add Checkmk as a tool to your stack and tell why you made the decision to use Checkmk. You can also speak about the advantages of Checkmk by pointing out ‘Pros of Checkmk’:
  • G2
  • GetApp

We hope you can show your support for Checkmk in any of those platforms!


We have recently launched our localization program, where we aim to make Checkmk available in different languages. Read more about it here. Thanks to everyone who already started translating and requested for their language to be added!

New Checkmk Videos

Checkmk Tutorials Episode 14: Distributed Monitoring with Checkmk
In this video Mathias explains how to connect and manage multiple Checkmk instances to one monitoring system. Watch it on YouTube with English subtitles

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Share what you think about the Checkmk Community

It has been a year since we have launched the Checkmk forum, and we have tried a couple of things to improve how tribe29 engages with you as part of our community. We want to do more for you next year. Please help us know you better by sharing your opinion in this survey.

:mega: Community Shout-outs

:bulb: Featured Project

RobotMK by @simonm

Last month, Simon gave a talk about his project RobotMK at the Linux Stammtisch München online meetup. RobotMK ensures that the results of Robot Framework End2End -Tests can be integrated into Checkmk. Read more about the project here.

Catch him at his next talk at the Automation Guild Conference 2021!

:postal_horn: Top Forum Responders

These are the people with the most number of replies in the forum last month. They are our heroes who help our community members with their monitoring.

:trophy: New Community Problem Solver

People who have 5 replies marked as solution. Thanks for continuing to help the community!

:trophy: New Community Helpers

People whose reply got marked as a solution for the first time. Welcome aboard!

:computer: GitHub Contributors

Contributors whose PR got merged on the Checkmk GitHub repo last month

@r.sander: [docker_container_status_health] discovers exited containers

Pescobar: support for ceph 14.2.4 in “ceph_df”


@checknl: Fixes wrong results when there are 0 bytes availible in a ZFS dataset.

LMSBrubaker: Added Checking State for areca raid controller

Thank you so much for your contributions everyone! We are always grateful for the time and skills you have been sharing with the community! :hugs:

In behalf of tribe29 I wish you all have a great month and happy holidays! :christmas_tree: :fireworks:



The presences at TrustRadius and AlternativeTo are empty at the moment. It would be great, if you guys give us a quick review :slight_smile: