Reporting Module for Check MK

Good afternoon Check MK community,

I wanted to see if anyone knew if there was a report based module for Check MK or if anyone has experience linking a product or open source solution to get reports.

As always any help or feedback is greatly appreciated.


reporing ispart of Enterprise Edition which is paid.

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Before we were using CEE back in the 1.2 days, we we had linked livestatus queries into our wiki and were able to produce dashboards and reports. In other words, it’s definitely doable. But help to have a “vehicle” that’s capable and then adding some of your own glue.

With that said, in CEE 2.1, a feature of reports went away :frowning: So, we may be back to doing reports ourselves again.


Thanks JF, sounds like i’m going to have to start saving, hoping to get approval for the Enterprise edition but need to sell it to upper mgmt first.

Oh wow, that sounds like goals right there. I 100% agree on the second part, would be nice to have a vehicle to build out from the ground up since I’m mostly trying to sell to upper management Check MK is worth investing in, but you know how they love graphs. :slight_smile:

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What is also very easy, is to include a view inside an Excel table.
If you have a view what shows what you want then you can use the csv export link together with an automation user and secret to insert this data in an Excel sheet. There you can update the shown data as you want and you can use the whole calculations as you know it from Excel.


What do you mean?


That’s a nice example for security kills some nice features. I can understand why it was removed.

I don’t. Text only? If Text only fails, pretty much everything in universe fails computing wise. At the very least, it should have been a toggle. With that said, the code is simple, and I may add the “feature” back into ours.

If i understand it correctly the problem was the URL to an external resource. It was possible with an URL to a “bad” server to overtake the CMK server or crash the application. I’m not so involved with web server security :wink:

True, but “I’m the one entering the URL”, so shouldn’t the risk be with “me”? Anyway, I would have mentioned the security issue and had it default to “off”.

You’re right, they could’ve made it optional, but the concern as I read it is that someone with Checkmk access now also has (clunky but functional) HTTP access to anything Checkmk can access (e.g. if you allow it to access a sensitive system for HTTP health monitoring, you could use this report feature to view the contents of those pages).

The problem with making those sorts of things optional, mind you, is that the people picking the options often aren’t thinking about it as a security control.

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Hi @cjcox

which reporting feature is no longer available?


Paragraph of text fetched via HTTP(s)

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thanks @andreas-doehler

For some reason I did not see / overlook that this was already linked further up in the thread… sorry

I recomend using Thruk ( It has a great option to generate reports in PDF Format, can connect to CheckMK using livestatus and provides much better dashboards.

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Very good find Paulo! I really like the idea of connecting a reporting module (as per my original post request) to Check MK instead of manually building a solution to generate a report each time. Is there a setup guide or tech bulletins that would detail the configuration steps?

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Let’s work on that together, shall we? It’s possible even to use the feature to schedule downtimes in the Raw Edition using Thruk but to achieve what you need I’ll share some of Thruk. Later today I will share how to install and connect it to CheckMK and then how to generate some reports.


That sounds great Paulo, thank you for the assist on this.

Yeah - if you want to DM or email let me know if the content doesn’t fit on the forum, I’m definitely interested in connecting Thruk as I now have it installed and ready for connections.

FYI - I did enable “Live Status” to accept any connections, so hopefully this’ll help on the setup, just still figuring out the config.

Thank you again!



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