Setting default sidebar snapins to a role

I’m talking about the possibility to assign certain snapins to a role e.g. Nagvis by default
without the user having permission to add snapins

Greets Bernd

Hey @BH2005,

I was looking into it and thought of creating a role with just permissions on the snapin but it didn’t work.
So I thought of two approaches, one with more work for you and the other with work for the end user.
First one would be creating the user, modifying the snapin bar and locking permissions.
The second one would be giving access to user and lock which snapins he can use.
I’m just not sure on how it will work with nagvis because currently I don’t have anything configured there on my ct.

I’ve looked into global settings and user and permissions but no luck finding what you need.

It would be a great improvement!

Yes because if you are creating the User first after the first login over LDAP as Admin you doesn`t have the password for the Account to ajust it.

Also if you have to handel more than 100 User

Indeed, the best approach IMO would be having an extra category on roles and permissions where it could be configured not only the permission but the snapins that a role would have and then assign to the users wanted.

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sounds good :+1: like this

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what you can do is, to create a template user with the needed sidebars. After that, you can copy the to other users who needs this sidepars. You will find the file from template user in ~/var/check_mk/web/mytemplate

I hope this helps.

Regards, Christian

this was also an Idea from me but in the 1.6 CEE i didn`t find the anymore ?!?

Better is to have the Option to asign the permitted Sidebar`s to a Role

Greets Bernd