Shortlinks in URL / better viewable

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just something total nice to have:
When browsing through the Services and Hosts the URL is html escaped/converted which is not nice to view, in special if you wanna share the direct link to a dashboard, host or service to a colleague.

For example it looks like:

That could also be: or sth. like that.

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The way it is allows you more actions when calling urls. To do what you ask the api needed to be more developed.
But it’s my opinion.


I agree that it is easy to customize the url. But that is only needed in less cases. In general there are the check_mk admins which need that feature, and all “users” never mind what to do with the url :wink: (at least for my environments)

If you need the full url to customize it, you still have the option over:
to get the full link.

Or if we are on that feature, an option like in chrome developer console like this would be awesome:
(Copy Link, Copy as Json, Copy as CSV …)

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Maybe since “sharing” is all the rage these days, a “share” button is added that would copy a shortened link to your clipboard?

God, just came across with a situation where a shorten link is needed in order to launch cmk view from another tool. Now you’ll get 2 votes from me :sweat_smile: :smile:

Hehe sometimes things come faster as expected :slight_smile: thumbsup

Same for exporting/embedding single graph images.
There is the option to Export them as PNG or Json, but there is no feature to get just the needed url for embed this graph somewhere else.

And the manually generation of the link like that is also not the fastest method :slight_smile:,%20%7b%22service_description%22:%20%22SQL%20OGS%20User%20aktiv%22,%20%22site%22:%20%22sitename%22,%20%22host_name%22:%20%22ogs-content1%22%7d%5d%7d&_username=automation&_secret=1234567&