TCP Port via Variable --> The text $_HOSTSSSLPORT$ is not a valid integer number


we have different SSL ports on the systems and would still like to solve the SSL certificate monitoring via a rule.

For this purpose, we have maintained the custom attribute “SSLPORT” in the host, but when we try to specify it in the TCP port (using $_HOSTSSSLPORT$), we get the following message: The text $_HOSTSSSLPORT$ is not a valid integer number.

However, I can use variables in the host name / IP address without any problems (e.g. $HOSTALIAS$).

This means that the check for “number” would have to be removed from the field “TCP port” (at least if a variable is specified).
However, this also means that you can/must define not only “text” but also “numbers” for custom variables.


I think there is one S too much.

The WATO input field is an Interger() and only supports integer input. I am afraid you cannot do much here with this WATO input validation in place.


Sorry for typo, same error with “$_HOSTSSLPORT$”.
The “integer check” is the problem here