UI inconsistencies - Part 2

  1. please add an 'open/close all Section" Button. It’s terrible when you need to open or close multiple/all sections. Sometimes CMK shows other section open/closed when you reopen the view again later and something has changed in the meantime.
  2. please move the triangle icon back to the beginning of the line like it was in 1.6. this makes it easier to click to open/close multiple sections.

Hi Thomas,

this means, that a lot of other posts are not answered. So as @foobar suggested it would be nice if you reopen the original thread and give a littele feadback to all the posts.

Another thought about the closure of the first thread, this makes it not directly easy to see what changes are already asked for by only read through the second thread. So maybe next time it will be easyer for all to have one long thread instead of two with cross references.


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In 2.1, the triangle is already at the front and a user can click the whole line to collapse/expand a section. This is something, we are implementing consistently across all Checkmk (e.g. Service discovery and Activate changes)

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Will you open one officially for “suggestions for improvements”? As we haven’t seen one so far.

Asking beacause, if we open it one by one,
a) we will flood the forum
b) its probably like it was before (often no reaction from Tribe29 - like under Product Ideas - Checkmk Community)


that’s great news :+1: and thanks for the printscreen. gives a better impression of what and how this has been improved.

will there also be a “collapse/expand all sections” button so you can ollapse/expand all sections with one click? this is very helpful when you have a lot of sections

it would be nice if you could spread such news about general improvements more often. then we wouldn’t need to ask about it :-).

Hi @TLI,
the following post could be relevant for the UI topic:

Please make the scrollbars in the views wider:


Not easy to catch them with the mouse :see_no_evil:

For some reason, the tree of folders sometimes starts to randomly indent some lines which looks like they are subfolders, while they are actually not, see:

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Will you open one?

Hi Gerd,
would you mind, opening a support ticket for this? This allows this ticket to be properly tracked
Thank you, Thomas

Hi foobar,
please help me with your comment, what should I open?
Thanks, Thomas

As we only have the one for UI

Hi Thomas,
thanks for your feedback, but I’m confused. I thought this was a collection of UI Inconsistencies that would make it’s way through t29 prioritization. What’s different about my tree of folders issue to all the others, that you need an extra ticket? And if so, do you mean a FEEDB or SUP ticket?


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mhh - good question!

Hardware / Software Inventory

Die Sortier-Reihenfolge des Tree’s (inkl. Subtrees) ändert immer wieder und ist nicht Konstant.
Das sind Screenshots von 4 Hosts


This is just an answer for UI inconsistencies and suggestions for improvements - #74 by TLI since the other topic is closed :wink:

“Want” is a hard statement, but you summarized my proposal correctly. :slight_smile:

Thank you and kind regards

Thanks. I just collect the opinion of the Treibe29 consultants on this

Page Navigation

  1. When I open a Link in a new Browser Tab it’s always opened without Navigation, regardless of what is set on the current page.
    Would be nice when the new Tab would use the same navigation setting (open/hide) like the current page from where the Link was opened. It’s a bit tedious when you allways have to switch the navigation on again in each tab. Alternatively, the actual setting could apply automaticly to all new and reloaded pages like the Inline Help setting.

  2. Toggle the “This Page with/without navigation” Link analog “Show/Hide Inline Help” Link instead of displaying two links.


Hi everyone,

First of all, thanks for taking the time to share your feedback and reporting inconsistencies on the Checkmk UI.

We came to a point where we think it’s necessary to hit pause on this topic, for the Product Team to cope with your posts and give accurate updates regarding your reports.

You can be assured that the Product Team (headed by Thomas) reads everything, but will take time to reply to ensure that no false/inaccurate information is shared with you. We think it’s for the best to take a break on this existing topic, and process all previous feedback before we can accommodate new ones.

With that said, this thread will be closed tomorrow at 17:00 CET . We will open up a new topic again some time soon to ask for your feedback. We’ll also consider organizing it differently to better gather them.

Thanks for your understanding! :pray:


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