UI inconsistencies - Part 2

This is a continuation of the previous topic here.

Please use this topic now to report inconsistencies.
A too long topic makes it hard for me to follow the discussion and make sure your input is used.

Thanks, Thomas

A too long topic makes it hard for me to follow the discussion and make sure your input is used.

Then here we go again:

Edit rule: Process discovery
Commandline field is to short (two examples)

But also some questions about the new thread/old thread @TLI

As this thread is getting longer now and getting difficult to keep track of, please refer to this topic for new suggestions.

Fine I guess - BUT:

  1. We, the Users take our time to contribute and make the product better, on your request, but not all receive feedback.
    So was it for nothing? I suggest, at least reply to each post and give the Users some direct feedback

  2. How do we know which of the points been taken and gonna be changed? If its happen, we will notice? and if not, try again later?
    Not a good feeling at all

  3. “UI inconsistencies - Part 2” vs. “UI inconsistencies and suggestions for improvements”
    so does it mean improvements are not welcome anymore?
    Example JVM inconstinstancy mentioned by @CFriedrich or .mkp by @thl-cmk - see also 1)&2) not clear for others as well, who found this input helpful


I strongly agee with this… as with the rest of this post

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Hi @foobar ,
This is a complete misperception of my intentions
1.) I tried to follow up with ALL posts and replied to them. Most have been added as tickets to become implemented, some are already done
2.) I have made some feature requests their own post, because they did go beyond the intended scope of this ticket
3.) As the length of the ticket made my follow-up very hard, I decided to close the initial ticket and start a new one (this one). This is just to make the handling easier
4.) The refined title should just address topic 2. Any feedback is welcome, but this particular post is about the UI inconsistencies. With the Checkmk community, I hope to solve the “Betriebsblindheit” issue, that I do not see issues any longer, because I have looked as a particular screen too often.
Any other feedback, besides UI inconsistencies, is welcome in a separate post.

So please keep your feedback coming and I will do my best to follow up and get it done. And don’t assume bad intentions, if I will start a Part 3 post of this topic.

Thank you for your understanding

It would be nice to know which ones this are. Due to the lack of/little feedback in the original thread, we’re more or less in the dark on this.


Hi thl-cmk,
Fair point. I did comment on many posts in the previous threat, but the connection to the original post is not visible. Here one example of what is currently implemented for one of the requests

exactly! And its not only the two of us.

On many, agreed, but its not all and leaves many (there we have it again) in the dark
I guess you dont want to fill this thread now with cross references of the old on and then tell us in 20 days this thread is to messy :wink:

So I would suggest to open the old thread and give the community feedback on each post AND THEN, close it once and for all.
As its not only for the original poster, its for all been watching and participating and gives others maybe the drive to participate to, if they feel something is taking action on.

Leaving the community in the dark is what has been discussed already in other threads when it comes to development and actions and seems that more and more people feel like this. (Roadmap with just the topic without any details are the same)


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  1. please add an 'open/close all Section" Button. It’s terrible when you need to open or close multiple/all sections. Sometimes CMK shows other section open/closed when you reopen the view again later and something has changed in the meantime.
  2. please move the triangle icon back to the beginning of the line like it was in 1.6. this makes it easier to click to open/close multiple sections.

Hi Thomas,

this means, that a lot of other posts are not answered. So as @foobar suggested it would be nice if you reopen the original thread and give a littele feadback to all the posts.

Another thought about the closure of the first thread, this makes it not directly easy to see what changes are already asked for by only read through the second thread. So maybe next time it will be easyer for all to have one long thread instead of two with cross references.


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In 2.1, the triangle is already at the front and a user can click the whole line to collapse/expand a section. This is something, we are implementing consistently across all Checkmk (e.g. Service discovery and Activate changes)

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Will you open one officially for “suggestions for improvements”? As we haven’t seen one so far.

Asking beacause, if we open it one by one,
a) we will flood the forum
b) its probably like it was before (often no reaction from Tribe29 - like under Product Ideas - Checkmk Community)


that’s great news :+1: and thanks for the printscreen. gives a better impression of what and how this has been improved.

will there also be a “collapse/expand all sections” button so you can ollapse/expand all sections with one click? this is very helpful when you have a lot of sections

it would be nice if you could spread such news about general improvements more often. then we wouldn’t need to ask about it :-).

Hi @TLI,
the following post could be relevant for the UI topic:

Please make the scrollbars in the views wider:


Not easy to catch them with the mouse :see_no_evil:

For some reason, the tree of folders sometimes starts to randomly indent some lines which looks like they are subfolders, while they are actually not, see:

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Will you open one?

Hi Gerd,
would you mind, opening a support ticket for this? This allows this ticket to be properly tracked
Thank you, Thomas

Hi foobar,
please help me with your comment, what should I open?
Thanks, Thomas

As we only have the one for UI