Charts in Checkmk v2

CMK version: 2.0.0p11 (CRE)
OS version: Centos 7.9

We are in final stages of rollout for our Chekmk 2 cluster in production use. During UAT, it has been pointed out that the chart navigation is more complex as compared to version 1.x, i agree things have changed in V2 and the charts are more “spongier” rather than snappier like version 1.

Most of our users have laptop without an external mouse, is there a way to add shortcuts for using keys rather than “pinching” the charts in and out ?

Any ideas on how to speed / simplify the chart navigation will be useful

Hi @atulchadha24,

i have shared your topic at the UI improvment topic because it’s a good suggestion. Take a look at the UI topic to discuss your point.