[Vote] Choose your workshops at the Checkmk 2021 Conference


in my last post, I asked for your ideas regarding workshops for the conference. Now it is time to decide on the workshops!

Each workshop will be 4 hours and interactive with ~8-12 participants, providing hands-on experience and plenty of room to ask questions.

To help us decide, which ones we will finally offer, we want to collect your preferences (max 3 votes):

Which workhops would you like to attend at the Checkmk 2021 Conference
  • Extending Checkmk with plug-ins for beginners
  • Extending Checkmk with plug-ins for experts
  • Automating Checkmk via the new REST-API
  • Best practices on monitoring & security
  • Monitoring business processes with the Business Intelligence
  • Event monitoring and alarming with Checkmk
  • Getting wilms’ed: Become a power user and SNMP expert
  • How to upgrade to Checkmk 2.0 with hands-on support

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As tech sessions (90mins), we decided to offer

  • How to build great dashboards and make the most out of the Checkmk graphing
  • Synthetic (E2E) Monitoring with Checkmk and Robot Framework: Introducing Robotmk

Please also vote here:

I would like to attend the proposed tech sessions!
  • Yes
  • No

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If you don’t like them, please share, what kind of tech session you would instead like to see.

Thanks for your feedback! After we have collected your feedback, we will finalize the agenda and open the registration for the conference.

Cheers, Martin