What url pull? Mobile app

I use a non official checkmk app Android but error auth check_mk appears on app, my url is this:
It’s correct? I use automation user with secret passphrasse and aut http uses cmkadmin

Hi @Burtiraven,
can you be a bit more specific what app you are using? There’re a few unofficial apps out there.

Based on your other posts I assume you want to use this one? If that’s the case I think you need to download and install lql-api. There are instructions in the README but I wouldn’t recommend installing that thirdparty software in a production environment.

The URL you provided is a mobile view of the normal checkmk application. Not everything is included in that UI but I does the job of checking checkmk on your phone.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

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The problem is the URL of my server monitoring is xxxxxxxx.CMK, i need to change this URL to point my domain, but my installation is with docker, I don’t know environment command for customize this URL

You need to do this inside the container definition. Or you use an NGINX or any other proxy the access the container.
It would be good to see what you have configured and how the actual URL looks like. Without this information it is more guesswork.

My docker is xxxxxx.cmk but i assigned in port 8081 (web) 8000 and 6558 for TCP real live, i enter with docker.vpsburti.com:8081/cmk/checkmk or Checkmk Local site cmk (inverse proxy SSL)