Auto translation between German and English for CheckMK forum


I understand that a lot of people that use CheckMK have a German background. Myself included didn’t speak the language and forcing people to speaking English is maybe not the way to go.

Feature Description

My idea is to have an auto-translate option on the CheckMK forum.
This way English people can interact easier with German speaking people.

FYI Now I use tools to translate german text to english, with or

Hope this is the location to share my idea. Understandable this is not an idea for CheckMK (Raw/Enterprise/Appliance)

See the following topic:

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I think the text need some extra clarification, text like Check DNS Service - Case Insensitive IST möglich! are still in german.

Can we auto-translate this?

For example this fails
But for other site it works

Hi @sirbaas,

we used to have a Google Translate feature built-in here before but we found out that the way they charge is pretty unfair, so we had to disable it. :frowning:

For now, manually copy-pasting the forum text to Google Translate, DeepL etc. would be the way to go.

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A oke, that is to bad.

But there should be some addons for the browser where you can just mark text on a site and have a direct option at context menu to jump to a translator. The following link for chrome and google translate as example.
This may help to reduce some copy paste time and could become handy for you.

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