Dear Checkmk community,

Last conference, you might remember we talked about having experiments to improve collaborating with you as our user community. Part of the plan is to establish a localization program to make Checkmk available in other languages, where the community will have the chance to contribute.

And the platform is now live! You may visit to create an account.

It runs on Weblate, an open source localization platform also used by some open source projects (e.g. Fedora, LibreOffice). Currently, this is only for translating the Checkmk software (all editions). It doesn’t include the website and documentation.

Some of our community members tested it and I would like to thank everyone for their feedback that led us here!

Some Highlights

  • Simple UI, no need to manually edit .po files on the GitHub repository to add translations
  • Context information like source string location can give an idea what the string is about/where it will appear.
  • Glossary, nearby strings and automatic suggestions can be used to give a hint on how a string should be translated
  • Comments feature where we can discuss certain strings and report errors in the source string.

How to Get Started

Please refer to this post for the guide.

Future Plans

As we get more used to this platform, we will continue improving how we do localization. It can be adding screenshots and context information or having a translation style guide. For any comments, questions and suggestions, please let me know!

Hope you can try it out!




Hey Faye,

I had discussed with Lars in the past about doing a translation to french, and I had started on POEditor.

I managed to get up to 14% there on the total translation task, but I don’t know if that’s still the same content - probably not.

In translating to french there are also some choices to make compared to english to standardize the translation accross the entire corpus.

Let me know if this is reusable in this context. The most difficult part of that translation for me was the fact it’s a long process to do completely alone.

Best regards,



Hi @Guillaume!

The translations from Poeditor were imported, but are marked as ‘needs editing’ now as the source strings have changed. You can access them here.

Please let me know what you think would be needed to set and document these standards. Having a style guide would really be helpful in the future when there are more people involved.

Re: doing it by yourself. We’ll continue promoting this program and we’ll hopefully get to a point where we have a group of people helping out. So far, we have another community member who expressed interest to help with the French translations. I’m hopeful we can get more support in the future!

Thanks for contributing! :slight_smile:


Hey Faye,

Thanks a lot for your fast answer. I’ll check out the link to “recheck” the elements & will take some time to try to find again the translation points I had noted before (styling guide).

I’ll come back to you, and yes would be happy to discuss with someone else, would they be interested to help.