Meraki Cloud Monitoring

We are using Meraki MX and Ap and switches. I have been told there is a new Meraki cloud integration coming soon. I do not want to monitor 500 devices via snmp. So my question is when is this coming and would it be possible to be part of beta testing for Meraki?

The Meraki checks will be available in checkmk 2.2 which is planned for early Q2 in 2023 with a beta phase starting in february.

Any news regarding the beta phase?


As addition to @aeckstein, it is possible to download daily builds, also from the upcoming 2.2


Ok, I have a demosite of 2.2 now. Started trying the Meraki integration. I have heard there is no docs yet. Has anyone been able to get anything useful? I was hoping I could list my networks, switches and so on.