[Survey - Results are in!] Micro Survey #4: Vote for a (new) “Filter” icon!

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The fourth Micro survey is about exploring different variations of the “Filter” icon in Checkmk. Help us decide which one we should choose.
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In the previous Micro survey, we looked at the “Acknowledge problem” and “Schedule downtime” command dialogs. Next we want to test the new prototypes with Checkmk users and are currently on the lookout for people who are interested in testing! The test should take about 30 minutes and there’s no installation required.
:arrow_right: So if you want to test the prototypes, send me a direct message and I will get in touch with you!

We cannot see the icons because the HTTPS certificate for https://storage.useberry.com is self-signed.


No, it’s chain goes to Sectigo and from there to Usertrust. Either they did not roll out the complete chain or for some reason your browser does not know the root cert or explicitly distrusts something in the chain.

@thohenstatt could you please test with different browsers?

oh no! I am very sorry to hear. I will investigate the issue and get in contact with the survey provider (useberry).

@mschlenker I did (Brave, Firefox, Chrome, Safari) with all device (1 linux, 1 windows, 1 Android, 1 ipad) I have near me and it all worked fine.

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They have to fix the chain. Your and my browser have seen the chain at some point before…


Thanks, for reporting, Robert!


openssl s_client -connect storage.useberry.com:443 also tells me that they do not provide the intermediate certificates needed.

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We’ll hint them on proper monitoring products to find such issues quickly themselves.


Just got an update from the support: They forwarded the issue to the dev team, and hopefully it can be resolved asap.

In the meantime, if you have similar problems with the images, and comfortable not voting anonymously, please send me a message and I will send you the images directly to vote on.

@r.sander Shall I send you the images, too?

I’ll wait. :slight_smile:

But the standard builtin ssl certificate check wouldn’t have helped here, or would it?
AFAIK, it only checks for certificate expiry, not for chain issues


You are absolutely right. Some of the active checks from monitoring-plugins have quite some issues, which is why providing some more modern alternatives using Checkmk’s APIs would be nice to have. The problems with check_http and junked output are such an example.

I’ve started tinkering with such things, but nothing for a broader public as of now.


Our survey provider solved the problem :v: If you still encounter any issues, please write me a message or comment here!


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The 4th Micro Survey is now closed. We appreciate everyone who took the time to share their thoughts and insights on the use of Checkmk. Thank you for your valuable input and stay tuned for updates on our progress!

Greetings community!

I am delighted to announce the results of the 4th Micro Survey.
We asked you to vote for one of three icons to indicate filtering, and we have a clear winner.
Drum roll please!

:arrow_right: 72% of all participants voted for the “Funnel”-icon! :arrow_left:


We hear you, and we will change the icon according to the results to the “Funnel”-icon. The changes will be available with the upcoming 2.2 stable release!

Thank you for taking part in this survey. Your feedback is very important in helping us to make Checkmk as easy to use as possible.

The next Micro survey will be on host actions in the setup menu, so keep an eye out for the next survey announcement at the end of May.